POET-DSM Cellulosic Biorefinery Comes Online
By Advanced Biofuels
September 3, 2014 | 9:16 pm

AEC Executive Director Brooke Coleman issued the following statement today, celebrating the grand opening of the POET-DSM cellulosic biorefinery in Emmetsburg, IA.

“This is a really exciting day not just for those opening and running the POET-DSM plant but for the farmers who have a new market for what they grow and for the cellulosic ethanol industry as a whole, which is starting to see the return on investment. And for the Obama Administration, which has championed our industry and remains in position to keep supporting the RFS. These are the lowest carbon refineries in the world. Our congratulations goes out to everyone involved in building and deploying this groundbreaking new facility.”

Information about the plant can be viewed here.