The Advanced Biofuels Business Council (ABBC) advocates for programs and policies that support and accelerate the commercial deployment of advanced biofuels (and co-products).

While the Council’s focus areas are fluid based on directives from the ABBC Board and emerging opportunities at the political and administrative levels, the ABBC operates based on a number of driving principles, including:


  • Advanced biofuels have an unparalleled, unique value proposition
  • Advanced biofuels are the lowest carbon, most innovative fuels in the world
  • Advanced biofuels should be at the table for any discussion about energy
  • Policymakers and their staff value clear motives and messaging
  • Policies must build rather than regress renewable fuel market share
  • The Council should avoid unnecessary process and expense for members
  • The Council should be collaborative to leverage better outcomes


Generally, the Council focuses its resources in three primary areas:


Defending and Facilitating the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)


  • Highly engaged on all RFS legislative and administrative matters
  • Highly collaborative with other renewable fuel advocacy groups


Pushing Aggressively for Tax Reform


  • At the center of historical efforts to extend the second generation biofuel PTC
  • At the center of historical efforts to extend the accelerated depreciation allowance for second generation biofuels
  • Engaged with conventional and advanced biofuel groups to create unity on defending existing advanced biofuel tax credits and building toward energy tax reform
  • Engaged with renewable energy groups to create unity on comprehensive tax reform
  • Pushing for improvement to advanced biofuel tax package


Market Access for Advanced Biofuels


  • Work to open the marketplace for full suite of advanced biofuels, including but not limited to ethanol, biogas and other types of advanced biofuels
  • Educate policymakers about the importance of market and market access to investment decision-making and innovation