ABBC: Senate Energy Proposal Focused in Right Place
By Advanced Biofuels
September 22, 2015 | 7:17 pm

The Advanced Biofuels Business Council issued the following statement today in response to a new energy bill proposed by Senate Democrats:

“We commend Senator Cantwell, Senator Wyden and Democratic leadership for putting a forward-looking, bold energy proposal on the table. While it is early in the political process, the proposal focuses on the right problem. As policymakers and the general public yearn for cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions, we continue to operate in a tax and energy policy regime that subsidizes and de-risks fossil fuel investments on a more substantial and permanent basis than those in clean energy. This policy dynamic skews investment toward fossil fuels. Energy markets are not free markets, and they never will be, so the question is what type of investments should be incented by federal policy. While just a conversation starter, this proposal would reward innovation and correct gross inequities favoring investment in fossil fuels. That’s the right answer for the economy and the environment.”